Participant information KPMG Lentemarathon

Wondering what to expect during the KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen? Read below some practical information regarding your participation in the KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen.

The program on Sunday, March 19, is as follows: 

07:30 : Runner’s Village open
09:00 : Start KPMG Lentemarathon (be in the starting area no later than 08:50 )
10:00 : Start KPMG half marathon (be in the starting area no later than 09:50)
11:00 : Start Lentewandeling organized by Amstelveen Sport
12:00 : Start Stadshart Amstelveen Kids Run
13:15 : Start BIZ Amsterdamseweg 10K (be in the starting area no later than 13:05)
13:30 : Start Next Level AMS 5K (be in the starting area no later than 13:20)
16:00 : Last runners finish

Address: Stadsplein, Amstelveen

Bib number and running shirt
If you indicated during your registration that you want your bib number sent to you, then your bib number will be sent to the address you provided on Monday, March 13. You will receive the bib number on your doormat on Tuesday or Wednesday!

If you did not indicate during your registration that you want your bib number sent to you, then you can pick up your bib number at Runnersworld Amsterdamse Bos in Amstelveen from next Thursday, March 16 through Saturday, March 18, until 16:00. Or on the day of the event itself in the Runner’s Village at Stadshart Amstelveen. When you pick up your bib number, you will also receive a copy of the magazine Mystical Miles!

Wearing your bib number
Your bib number should always be worn visibly on the front of your shirt. Do not fold or cover your bib number. If you do, there is a chance that the wrong time will be measured.

Are you participating in the Business Run? Then the bib number will be collected and given out through your contact person from the company.

Running shirt
Have you ordered the KPMG Lentemarathon running shirt? Then you can pick it up at the same time as your bib number. 

Opening hours pick up bib number at Runnersworld Amsterdamse Bos:
Thursday 10:00 – 21:00
Friday 10:00 – 18:30 
Saturday 09:00 – 16:00

Feed stations
Along the course you will find a number of sponge and feed stations. This year the feed stations will have water, fruit and sports drinks from our partner Powerbar available. Enough energy to complete your distance! Look for the overview on the website.

There are also toilets and medical posts at some of the feed stations.

Item deposit
Clothing collection (at your own risk) for the KPMG Lentemarathon will take place in tents in the Runners’ Village at the Stadshart in Amstelveen. No clothing can be left in the starting area. The clothing collection is open from 07:30 to 16:00.

There will be no changing rooms or showers available in the Runners’ Village.

Please note: maximum bag size is 30 (l)x 20 (w) x 50 (h) and must be labeled with your bag tag attached to your bib number.

Finish photo/video
At the finish line you will receive your well-deserved medal. But also water and a piece of fruit to recover. A photo and video will also be taken of you at the finish line, which you can retrieve later.

The forecast is currently as follows: 10 degrees with 0% chance of rain. Keep an eye on our socials for the latest updates. And keep an eye on the weather forecast yourself so that you wear the right clothes.

Route information
The KPMG Lentemarathon consists of several distances, for which a route has been mapped out through Amstelveen with the start and finish at the Stadshart.

  • Please note that the course is not completely closed to all traffic. There may be spots where someone is still walking or cycling. We do our best to close off as much as possible, but please pay attention to where you are running. 
  • Follow the bike paths and trails on which you run as much as possible.
  • Follow the path on which you are directed. Turns are explicitly indicated by arrows on fences, arrows on the ground, traffic controllers and volunteers.
  • Signs display warnings such as: ”keep walking on the left” or ”watch out for bad road surface”. Some roads in and around the Amsterdamse Bos are of poor condition. Please pay attention to this. 
  • See examples below.

Additional route information

  • The Amsterdamseweg has its own time measurement. All participants clock a time here. The fastest man and woman will be put in the spotlight.
  • At the Vijverplein on the Amsterdamseweg there will be a stage with music, so extra fun for your fans to come and cheer you on!
  • The Golf Course and Brasserie 10 will take care of your fans. There is great parking and they have delicious coffee ready. So let your fans cheer you on during the last 10K.
  • Ons Tweede Thuis Sluis-Zicht is helping us with a water station at the Amstel for the marathon runners.
  • What’s a running event without a lap around the athletics tracks? The full and half marathon will be pampered at the AV Startbaan, with a water station and extra music to get you on the way!
  • The Powerzone by Powerbar is set up in the Oude Dorp! This water station will give everyone a well-deserved boost! It will also provide your supporters with extra facilities for a cup of coffee or a drink.
And last but not least, good news! The half and full marathon have been officially measured and approved by the Atletiekunie with an approved course meter.

Marathon relay
Are you running the marathon relay with your friends, family and/or colleagues during the KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen? Then this update is for you!

During the marathon relay you will all run a part of the marathon: Runner 1 – 11K, Runner 2 – 8K, Runner 3 – 10K, Runner 4 – 12.5K, Together as a team – final 0.7K.

You will receive a chip with an ankle band. You need to pick up the chip on Sunday at the Runners’ Village at the bib number pick up point. As a runner you put this on your ankle, at the changeover point you give it to the next runner. At the finish line you MUST return this chip. If you don’t, you will be fined €25.

The marathon relay starts at 09:00 at the Stadshart Amstelveen. The first runner should be in the general starting area no later than 08:50. The changeover locations of the marathon relay will take place at:

  • 11K: Changeover 1 (parking lot Oude Karselaan)
  • 19K: Changeover 2 (parking lot AV Startbaan)
  • 29K: Changeover 3 (Hollandse Dijk)
  • 41,5K: Changeover 4 | whole team back together (Handelsplein)
Transportation between the changeover points is your own responsibility. The organization does not provide solutions for this. Keep in mind that sometimes you will have to park your car or bike a little further because the access roads will be used for the event.


  • Please note that there may be a line at the information point and pick up of your bib number. So if you have to pass by here, be on time
  • Pick up your bib number at Runnersworld Amsterdamse Bos from Thursday to Saturday till 16:00. If you pick it up here you also get a beautiful Mystical Miles magazine!
  • At the finish line you will receive your well-deserved medal. Do your legs hurt after your performance and could use some aftercare? Then you can go to our partner Fysio Bosbaan in the Runners’ Village for a massage.
  • On the square itself, we will make it a fun running party with a stage with DJ and a presenter. So stay around to encourage others.
  • Capture your accomplishment with a selfie at the KPMG photo wall.
  • There is no hospitality on the square, but there are plenty of great places for a bite to eat and a drink directly around the square!

How to get to the KPMG Lentemarathon
The Runner’s Village and the start/finish is at the Stadshart in Amstelveen. Stadshart Amstelveen is accessible by tram, bus, bicycle or car.

Next to the Stadshart Amstelveen is the bus stop “Amstelveen Bus Station”. At this stop, numerous buses arrive and depart in different directions. The Stadshart is also easily accessible by tram 5 and tram 25 (take into account a 5-minute walk).

Parking is available in the garages. Please note that this is paid parking.
Bicycles can be parked in the designated bicycle racks around Stadshart.

Our advice is to travel to Stadshart Amstelveen by public transportation and bicycle as much as possible due to the large number of people attending.