Organizing the KPMG Lentemarathon has implications for residents along the routes.Please read below the indicated traffic disruptions, closures and locations through which traffic is (not) possible.

Traffic disruption and impact
The KPMG Lentemarathon consists of various runs, for which a route has been mapped out through Amstelveen with start and finish at the Stadshart Amstelveen.

The plotted route runs mainly along the existing footpaths and bicycle paths. During the event, the runners will pass and cross several through roads, causing a disruption to traffic. All road crossings will be closed to traffic for a short period of time (maximum 1 to 2 minutes per crossing).

The main roads that will be cordoned off for the passage of runners are:

  • Groen van Prinstererlaan – Rembrandtweg.
  • Keizer Karelweg – Graaf Aelbrechtlaan.
  • Amsterdamseweg – Nieuwe Karselaan.
  • Amsterdamseweg – Parklaan.
  • Van Heuven Goedhartlaan – Handelsweg.

In addition, during the day the Rembrandtweg (08:00-17:00), Nieuwe Karselaan (08:30-14:00), Oude Karselaan (08:30-14:00), Kazernepad (08:30-16:00), Nesserlaan (09:30-13:00) and Amsteldijk Zuid (09:30-14:00) will be closed off for longer periods. There will also be occasional inconvenience when entering and leaving the neighborhoods within the route.

Public transportation
During the KPMG Lentemarathon there may be (limited) delays in public transportation. Arrangements have been made with Connexxion to keep delays to a minimum. Connexxion also reroutes a bus line (line 300) via Ouderkerkerlaan between 10:30 and 15:00, so that the runners have a safe passage at the passage Handelsweg.

Moped and bicycles
There are restrictions on the route for mopeds and cyclists, with several bicycle paths being closed during the passage of the runners. The restrictions mainly apply to the paths in the Amsterdamse Bos, and the bike paths along Amsterdamseweg (08:00-16:00), Oude Dorp (09:00-15:00), Kazernepad (08:30-16:00), Beneluxbaan (10:15-15:00), Gondel, Brink, Poortwachter and Marne (09:00-12:00).

In addition, several bicycle paths will be blocked for a short period of time. Moped riders and cyclists will be directed to alternate routes by traffic controllers.

There will be no or minimal restrictions for pedestrians.

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