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Here you will find all the information on the best locations to cheer on the participants. Together, we will create an unforgettable atmosphere to give the runners the boost they need. Together, we can make the Lentemarathon an unforgettable event. So grab your banners, drums and horns and prepare for a day of professional support at the KPMG Lentemarathon!


The bustling Stadshart Amstelveen will be transformed into a runners’ village during the KPMG Lentemarathon. Participants will have the opportunity to make their final preparations here. It is a great place to encourage and help the participants, before and after the start. Participants of all distances start and finish at this venue. It is the busiest and liveliest location with parking in the garages, music and food & drink facilities.


The crossing at Oude Karselaan is a unique place to cheer on the participants. This location is easily accessible and ideal for cycling to. You are next to the restaurant of hotel Abina, where you can enjoy food and drinks. In addition, you are opposite a bakery where you can get delicious fresh bread. It is the perfect place to enjoy a snack and drink while encouraging.


The oldest part of the route: het oude dorp. All distances pass through this fantastic part of Amstelveen. But that is not the only reason why this is a great place to cheer on the runners. After all, this is where Powerbar’s Powerzone is set up! This water station will give everyone a well-deserved boost. It is also extra cosy here for your fans to come and watch, with extra facilities for a cup of coffee or a drink.


The origins of the KPMG Lentemarathon are at AV Startbaan, so a lap around the athletics track is not to be missed! The marathon and half marathon will be pampered here, with a water station, the relay changeover point and extra music to get you going! As a supporter, this is a great place to cheer on the participants. You can park next to AV Startbaan in the large car park. You can watch the participants run a whole lap around the athletics track, all while enjoying some great music.


On the lively Amsterdamseweg, there is always something going on! With several shops and a wide road, this makes a great stretch for runners to run. This is definitely one of the highlights of the course. This also makes it a great venue to encourage the participants and cheer them to the finish line!