Powerbar Official Supplier KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen 2024

KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen has once again partnered with sports nutrition supplier NutriSense for 2024. During the KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen, participants along the course will receive Powerbar Isoactive sports drink, to optimally complete the effort.

NutriSense is a reliable partner with a complete and extensive assortment for a sustainable cooperation. Since the year 2000 NutriSense is exclusive distributor of the sports nutrition brand Powerbar.

Powerbar Isoactive Lemon at the feeding stations
During the KPMG Lentemarathon Powerbar Isoactive sports drink in the flavor Lemon will be offered along the course. Powerbar Isoactive contains minerals and carbohydrates. This isotonic sports drink is easily absorbed by your body, making it the ideal sports drink during the effort.

Roy van Damme, organizer KPMG Lentemarathon Amstelveen: “With NutriSense and its brand Powerbar we have found a great partner who will provide all our participants with high quality sports nutrition during the KPMG Lentemarathon 2024. Powerbar has a great track record in all forms and levels of sports and therefore it gives us confidence that we will provide our participants with optimal nutrition at their chosen distance, on March 17.”

Powerbar Powerzone
All runners will pass Powerbar’s special Powerzone during the run. This special supply station will provide everyone with another boost. You can’t miss it – and when you see the Powerzone, it means it’s time to restock your energy systems with Powerbar Isoactive Lemon. This will allow you to attack the final stretch of your run with full energy!

The importance of proper fluid balance
It is important that you drink properly while running. Proper fluid intake allows for better absorption of energy and an even body temperature, promoting your performance.

During running, you lose both water and electrolytes (minerals) through perspiration, which are much needed to improve fluid intake. It is very important to get your energy levels up to par before you start, but also to make sure you refuel enough energy during exercise. Just drinking water is not enough, so grab a cup of Powerbar Isoactive at every supply station along the course and don’t leave your result to chance!

It is also important to train with Powerbar Isoactive sports drink in the run-up to the event. This not only allows you to get used to the taste and the regular intake of fluids and electrolytes, but also teaches your body to absorb the energy as efficiently as possible so that you get even more out of the Powerbar boost during the KPMG Lentemarathon.

Good luck with your preparations for the KPMG Lentemarathon 2024!