Relay marathon

Athletics Association Startbaan is known for its annual, national relay race. This can not be missed at the Amstelveen Lentemarathon! The relay teams of four runners use the same course of the marathon, with each runner running between 8 and 13 km.

The relay team will have to transfer an object from start to finish and is responsible for the change. At the exchange points, the necessary logistics will be available, so that these runners are well prepared to start the race.

General information about the relay:

    • Important: the relay team is responsible for transport from and to the exchange points. That means that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners themselves have to be at the exchange point at the right moment. In addition, it means that the runners have to move themselves to the Stadshart (or home) after completing their specific distance.
    • At each switch point there is a toilet, a drink station and (limited) parking space.
    • Relay members receive the same number, with an addition. Example: team number 50, 50-1 for the starting runner up to 50-4 for the final runner.



Once again: limited parking space is available at the points of exchange, make use of nearby public transport options, carpool or bicycle to reach the exchange locations.

Practical information about the relay

      • The first runner of the relay team starts with the runners of the full marathon, at 10.00 am (AV Startbaan)
      • After x km an exchange point has been set up and the object is passed on to the second runner of the team. This exchange point is on the cycling path to the horses Arena near the Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan in the Amsterdam forest. You can park at the parking lots at the end of the Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan. Location: Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan, Amstelveen.
      • After x km an exchange point has been set up and the object is passed on to the third runner of the team This exchange point is at the intersection of the cycling path and the Touwslagerij. You can park at P+R Spinnerij. Location: Bouwerij 7, 1185ZN.
      • After x km an exchange point has been set up on the Meijslootpad (along the golf course) near Turfschip / Tjalk and the object is passed on to the team’s final runner. Location: Meijslootpad near Turfschip / Tjalk. Note: this is best achieved by going from Gondel to de Turfschip and at the end (before you enter the neighborhood) you come close to the switch point. Parking spaces are also available here.
      • It is possible to go over the finish as a team. On the north side of the Rembrandtweg in Amstelveen (about 300m before the finish) you can regroup and run to the finish together.
      • Tip: the first runner can have a bag transported to the finish location for the team.